Smart Class and Computer Lab

The SAP Smart Classroom is anarea in which that police-related matters are teaching technically. This classroom includes digital displays, tabs, whiteboards, assistive listening tools, and other audio/visual components.This classroom is very useful for senior officers to interact with the staff in a better way and easily handle indoor lessons during training.
       The computer lab at SAP works to make the day-to-day operations smoother and faster.This lab is useful for both the staff and the staff since it is working with the help of the latest technology,



1) One Air-Conditioned computer laboratory with capacity of 20 participants with High-Speed internet Facility
2) One Air-Conditioned Smart Classroom with interactive white-board, visualiser, scanner & sound system.
3) All classrooms with wall mounted projector facility.


In addition to all these, there is an official website under the IT Cell and an official Facebook page under the Media Cell to interact with the public about the activities of the SAP, to publish the achievements of the activities at the camp.

Last updated on Thursday 18th of August 2022 PM