Unlike in the past, Kerala has become a land of terrible natural disasters like floods, landslides and storms. Such natural calamities not only affect the lives of our people but also the social and economic life of the state and stunt its multifaceted development. Although Thiruvananthapuram district is blessed with a unique landscape, recent experiences have shown that it can also be affected by natural disasters therefore empowering disaster management system is the need of the Hour.

The goal of disaster management training programs is to actively intervene in disaster hit areas and save lives. Therefore, disaster management training is essential for all sections of the society. The police system in Kerala stands by the people when such natural calamities occur.

Swimming is considered as one of the most important learning process in the modern training system of Kerala Police. As the part of development of disaster management training a project for the construction of swimming training centre (25 X 15 mts) have been completed at SAP camp Peroorkada with the technical support of Costford and Sports Engineering Wing under Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs.

Last updated on Monday 8th of August 2022 PM